Saturday Shopping Haul! - JCrew, Aeropostale, H&M, American Eagle and More!!

Good Evening Everyone!

Headed down to the mall with Mom and Hubby today and here is the inpromptu haul!!

Ok, I know what you're thinking... How much did you end up spending today?!!? Well, lets dive into it!

La Senza!

I've been in the market for a new bathrobe/housecoat for a while now and I finally stumbled upon this one! I found this at the "clearance" area of the La Senza I was in - it was only $9.99! Super fluffy and cozy - i'm totally wearing it right now as I type this - Best of all - it was $0 for me as I used a Gift Card I got!! Can't beat free! Reg: $34.50!


I'm going to attending a few weddings this year with Hubby - I was in the market for a clutch for them - Now I know this one is pretty crazy looking but I love it! Both my dresses are plain so I thought why not?! - Also since it doesn't have a strap - I'm going to use a belt as one! I will for sure blog about that in the future ;) Reg: $14.95 Sale: $7.00!

American Eagle Outfitters!

An Extra 50% off all sale brought me into the store and then I hit the jackpot! Found these crazy looking shoes for $6.37!!! Why?! (Reg Price on the website approx $30) Well, they were on sale for $14.95 - 50% and then I noticed some dirt on the bottom of the shoes and they gave me 15% more off!!! WOOHOO!!


One of the craziest deals of the day was at Aeropostal! Managed to get myself a comfy pair of track pants for $4.17!!! and Hubby a Pair of Jeans for $7.67! = Total Spent there: $13.38! Woohoo!


Hubby needed a new pair of Running Shoes - We ended up finding these Runner specific Nike's for $39.97 - Reg Price: $144.99!!!! Woah! Also the sales associate was super helpful! He found a bunch of shoes in the back not even on the racks and we ended up buying one of those pairs :D!


Hubby also needed underwear... Not this best price i've paid for these but they are really nice quality at decided to get another pair for him - Reg: $18.95ish - Paid: $5.38!

Total paid for all items was just under $80! Woohoo! Successful Shopping Trip! Happy Saving!

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