Savings Sunday! RCSS: More FPC Redeems! Cheap POM Juice, $1 Deals and More!

Evening Everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here is the weekly shop: Spent $63.56 (-$1.50 Checkout 51 = $62.06!)

Deals of the Week:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Hubby loves his cereal! Great deal this week at Target - $3.99! :)

Almond Fresh FPCs!

I won a Twitter contest last week! Which I got 2 FPCs for Almond Fresh Almond Milk :) Redeemed and saved $7.98!!!

No Frills $1 Price Matches!

The $1 deals have occurred this week! Great deals on Glad Wrap, Crispers and Snack Packs!

Kellogg's FPC - Special K!

Had a issue with a box of Nutrigrain bars a few weeks back they gave me some FPCs for ANY Kellogg's Products! - Used one of them today - Saved: $6.29!

Under $1 Deals!

Unico Olives have a great rebate this week with Checkout 51 - .50 cents back and they are on sale at RCSS for .97 cents! = .47 cent olives! Also - POM Juice is on this week at No Frills for $1.00 - Recent inserts had a .50 cent off coupon - Paid: .50 cents!


This worked out to be the same deal this week - Checkout 51 had a $2.00 rebate on 500g Bacon - It's on sale at Longo's for $3.99 - But I had a $2.00 off coupon for the portions version that I was able to PM so final price $1.99 and the rebate was instant! :)

Total Saved this week with Price Matching, Couponing and Checkout 51: $31.34!!!

Have a great week everyone! and Happy Saving!

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