Savings Sunday!! RCSS/Shoppers: Campbells Soup, Aunt Jemima Waffles and Ragu Stock Up!!!

Afternoon Everyone!

I was so excited to do this blog I deleted all the full view pics of my deals >.< - Total Spent: $67.10!

Deals of the Week:

FPC Redeem - Doritos

Doritos Facebook page had a fun game to "Stop the Guac" Clock about a month or so ago - Received my FPC this past week and decided to redeem it at Shoppers! - Saved: $1.49!

Campbells Mushroom Soup

I'm out of soup?!?! What to do? PMed from Loblaws to .50 cents a can!!! Wooohoo!!!

Aunt Jemima Waffles!

This was an instore unexpected deal! Not sure if they are clearing these out but found these in the Freezer Section for only $1.00 a box!!! That's even cheaper than no name!!! Wooohooo!!

Ragu Stock Up Time!

It was time for Ragu - I was down to 2 bottles!!! CRAZY! So when it went on sale this week for .97 cents I picked up 6 from RCSS and saved $7.80 doing so! :D Yaya Price Matching!

Cashmere Toilet Paper!

Ok... I don't mind the No Name stuff but Hubby wants the "softer brand name" - Lucky enough Food Basics had this 15 double roll pack on for $4.88! Reg at RCSS: $12.99?!?! Crazzzy saved: $8.11!

Glad Garbage Bags

I forgot to take a picture of these - Doh! On Sale at RCSS for $4.97 this week and in store there is a Manu coupon for $2.00 off! Final Price: $2.97 for 40 bags!!! Cheaper than No Name!!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Coupons: $28.28!!! and I was under $70 this week! SCORE!

Happy Saving!!

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