Savings Sunday - Fortino's and RCSS - Shrimp, Hot Dogs and Eggos!

Evening Everyone!

First off - finally some amazing weather to go outside and enjoy! Bring on the warm weather :) - I might have done 2 shops this weekend Fortino's and RCSS - Total Spent: $74.87

Deals of the Week:

Dole Bagged Salad!

So cheap this week - only $1 a bag at Fortino's so I stocked up on 5!

Frozen Shrimp!

Really good deal this week - Reg: $9.99 at RCSS - PMed to Fortino's for $5.99!

Nutrigrain Bars!

Paired this deal with a coupon - PMed to $1.99 and had a $1.00 off printable paid .99 cents for this box!!

Hot Dogs!

Hubby had a craving and No Frills had the sale! Reg: $4.99 paid $2! :D


This was an amazing deal this week - PMed to Food Basics for $2.75 and then I had a .75 off coupon!!! Woohoo $2 butter :D


One of the better prices I've seen for Eggos - 16 pack for $3.49 at Highland Farms :)

Silk Almond Milk

FINALLY Checkout51 released an Android App!!! SOOO HAPPPY! Can now use hubby's phone to make rebates :D - How it works? Download the app - check their weekly deals, upload your reciept and get your rebates! - This week - $1.00 back on Almond milk :) Woot!

Total savings with coupons, price matching and rebates: $19.94! Happy Saving!

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