Buffalo, NY Shopping Haul! Dresses Galore! Macy's, JC Penney and Kohl's!

Evening Everyone!

As you may or may not know I headed off to Buffalo for some shopping this past weekend and I thought I would show off some of my clothing purchases!!!

JC Penney!

A main goal of this shopping trip was to find 2 kinds of clothing - 1. Dresses for 3 weddings I need to attend this summer/fall and 2. Work clothing! Always expensive and hard to find.

Work Dress #1:

This was one of my great steals! a Liz Claiborne Dress Reg: $40 - On the clearance rack for $8.00!!!! :) Wooohoo - now it is missing a belt and I did ask for a discount but since it was so inexpensive I didn't get one but oh well - still $8.00! I really like the zipper detail on the back!

Dress for Wedding #1:

Now this wasn't my best deal but trying to find a dress like this in Toronto would be hard! Reg: $35.00 On the clearance rack for $24.00. Very decent and I really do like this dress :)


I signed up for Kohl's emails years ago and they always send out coupons once in a while for you to use in store! This past weekend was 20% your purchase! Woohoo! I needed to take a look at those racks!!

Cute Sweater:

I love comfy sweaters! Saw this one Reg: $26.00 on the clearance rack for $5.20!!!!! Wooohoo!

Work Dress #2:

How stinkin cute is that belt?!?! Reg: $64.00 (WHAT?!?) On clearance rack for $6.80!!!! WOW!!!I then got an extra $2.72 off my purchase of both of the items!!! Yahhhoooo!!!


Ok... who remembers the Ikea Canada commercial with the lady staring at her bill, walking out the store and yelling at her Hubby - "Start the Car!!" - That was the moment I had when I bought this dress

We happened to head into this Macy's because we were killing time waiting for our restaurant reservation to begin! - stumbled up on this lovely on the clearance rack - I had told my mom after I bought it that it looked similar to a dress I saw in the Bay and fell in love with - but the price tag was $350!!!! :( This I would say was an amazing compromise!

Dress for Wedding #2

First of all - HOW CUTE IS THIS DRESS!!!! Now the best part - the price.... Reg: $69.00... on the clearance rack marked down to $9.99!!! WOAH - but wait... it gets better - Scans at the cash for $5.99 and the sales associate gives me an EXTRA 15% off WEEEEE!!! Final price with Tax: $5.33!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWO!!!!! I'm completely obsessed!!!! See the back! Weeeee!

The Numbers:

Total if I bought it all at regular price: $233.00

Total after all discounts and coupons: $37.09!!!!!

Total saved: $195.91!!!! WOW!!!

Got some great deals and I'm really impressed by them :) - I did do some other shopping at Target for toiletries/ladies products and Macy's I also picked up a cheap pillow and fry pan :) Very happy with my shopping!

What was your best shop in the USA?! - Tweet me @FrugalKris! Happy Saving!

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