Savings Sunday!! RCSS - Pink Sticker Love!!! Great Meat and Cereal Deals! YUM!

Afternoon Everyone!,

Continuing with the Groceries - Spent: $71.48! (eeeek cause I bought a big club pack of Ground Beef at Loblaws yesterday :P)(Over by $11.48)

Deals of The Week:

Pink Sticker Items!

Already love pick stickers but these three items only cost $3.12!!!! WOAH!!! Hands Down best deal this week was the PAM! Found this sitting on a cart - 50% off Sticker - $4.49 - $2.25 and then I had a $1.00 off coupon!!!! Final Price: $1.24!!!! :D! Bread was .89 cents and the salad was .99! :D

Porktastic meat week: :P

Insane deal on pork this week - both of these packages cost me $11.56! Woahhhhhh! 3 meals right there for Hubby and I :)I also got a club pack of X-Lean Ground Beef from Loblaws $10.66!


On Sale this week at RCSS for $1.98 had a $1.00 printable coupon = .98 cents :D!


First off - all of these cereals cost me TOTAL: $4.49 that is less than the price of the Vector Regular at RCSS!!! Vector paid .99 cents, HBOA and Shreddies only cost me $1.75 a box! Woot Woot! Add this to my free box I got at the Eaton's Centre on Friday Night and I'm stocked up for a few weeks :P :)

Total Saved with Price Matching and Couponing: $18.74!!

Did Decent this week - going to still work on the magical $60 mark! :)

Happy Saving!

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