Savings Sunday! - RCSS FPC Wonder Bread, Pickles and Green Grapes!?! :)

Hello Hello Everyone :),

Here is this weeks shop - Spent: $72.95 (Eek... over by $12.95).

Deals of the Week:

Hellmann's Mayo!

We had company over last week and decided to make the Hellmann's Chicken - holy hell that stuff is MOIST! Amazing! Reg at RCSS - $5.17 PMed to $3.99 at Metro!


Decent price on this little tub - Reg: $5.79 at RCSS, PMed to Fortinos $3.99!

Wonder FPC!

Got a random FPC by mail this week for Wonder Bread! 2nd one this year! Woohoo! Saved - $2.18!

Black Diamond Cheese!

If you couldn't tell by the Ricotta - I made Lasagna for dinner! Reg: $6.47 PMed to Food Basics for $3.97!

Vlasic Pickles!

I've been craving pickles and i've been waiting for a good sale - Reg: $4.29 PMed to No Frills - $1.97!!

Green Grapes!

An insane sale this week on Grapes at No Frills - .88/lb!!! WOAH! I saved almost $4.50 on this pack that I bought and only paid $1.56!!! :D


Got both bunches of this for only $3.51 great price :D

Total savings after Price Matching and Coupons: $16.36!

Happy Saving!

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