Savings Sunday! RCSS - Amazing Milk Deal, Cheap Salad, Margarine and Sugar!

Afternoon Everyone!
Hope Everyone is doing well - here is what I got this week for Groceries!

Spent:$77.79! (YESSSH - but this did include some cold meds for Hubby, an a few toiletries - so just food - $66.56!)

Deals of the Week!

Cheap Salad!

Once Hubby and I moved out we have started to eat a ton of salad per week :) - Highland Farms had these bags on sale this week for .99 Cents! Very Cheap - RCSS had this originally for $1.49 but recently dropped the price to $1.29 :)

Frozen Asparagus!

This isn't the best deal of the week - but Hubby loves Asparagus - so grabbed a bag of this for $1.99 with my $1 off coupon :)

Philly Dip!

This was an in store deal that I didn't notice before going in - Dill Pickle Dip! On Sale for $2.49 - $1 off coupon that expired today = $1.49!


Needed to restock on Yogurt - On Sale at No Frills for $4.97 and I had a $1.00 off coupon :) = 12x100g cups for $3.97!

Imperial Margarine!

One of my crazy deals this week - Reg. $5.93 - Pricematched to NF for $2.97 - .75 cent coupon I had = $2.22!!!! Woot Woot!

Honey Nut Cheerios!

Hubby loves his cereal! This weeks selection on sale is Honey Nut Cheerios and it comes with a FPC for a Child's Movie Ticket - but be careful - From March - May they are a BOGO Coupon (was only an FPC in Feb... very weird....) Will probably pass on to a coworker :)


I didn't have ANY left in my stockpile for Hubby - he only uses the expensive stuff >.< Everytime I go to RCSS I wander to the Coupon Wall and Found a $2.00 off coupon on ANY Sensodyne! woooot! This bottle was on for $3.97 - Final Price $1.97!!


I'm back into a baking mood - (I've already completed a bread :D, Banana Walnut Bread is in the oven at time of typing this :P) PMed this and got it for $1.77!


Hands Down my BEST deal this week - Reg. $5.27 at RCSS, PMed to NF for $3.88 and on the Coupon Board last week a $1 off! = $2.88 for 4 Litres!!!! :D :D :D

Total saved with Coupons and Price Matching: $20.72!!!!

This week I did go over but I did manage to get a weeks worth of food last week and stocked up on some great meat, RAGU and good deals!

Happy Savings!

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