Savings Saturday! Happy Easter! - RCSS - No Yolks Pink Sticker, Pam, Sour Cream and More!

Happy Easter Long Weekend Everyone!,

Here is this weeks shop - Spent: $71.24 (over by 11.24)

Deals of the Week!

No Yolks Noodles:

This was a surprise in store! Found this on the clearance rack - Reg: $2.07 - 50% off sticker and then I have a .50 cent off coupon! = .53 cents!!!! :D woohoo!

Sour Cream:

Great deal this week on Sour Cream - Reg at RCSS- $2.49 and PMed to $1.49!!

Country Harvest Bread:

Amazing deal on this week at RCSS - $1.58 way cheaper than wonder this week!!


On sale at RCSS for $3.98 and had a $1.00 off coupon Paid $2.98!


I've had a craving for some shrimp pasta this week for dinner :D - Was on sale at RCSS for $5.49 but noticed it was on sale with the 2-week Fortino's flyer :D Paid: $4.99

Total saved this week with coupons and price matching: $12.14!

Looks like i'm sticking in the $70ish dollar range each week going to aim for under that next month :D Happy Easter and Happy Saving!!

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