Savings Sunday! RCSS: BOGO Razors and .99 Cent Cereal!

Afternoon Everyone!,

Here we go! Last week of February and here is what I got today

Spent: $64.86 ($58.89 if it was just food :P) Over by $14.86!! WOAH.

Deals of the Week

Gillette Razors!:

Hubby is always on my case about getting razors - because they are so darn expensive! I saw this deal and I had to grab it. $8.99 Reg at RCSS, PMed to No Frills at $5.97. But the icing on the cake - I had a BOGO coupon meaning one was absolutely FREE or 2 for $5.97! Woohoo!

Cheap Vector Cereal!:

Now this household goes through a lot of cereal - as you've probably seen, so after searching through my coupons I discovered that I had a $2.00 off coupon to get Vector! Combine this with a great $2.99 sale at Fresh Co. = .99 cent Cereal! Reg. $4.69 at RCSS!! :D

Cheap Marc Angelo Pork:

We keep trying to find great deals on meat as it is something that is super expensive for us in our budget - this will be a light dinner one night - noticed these were $2.48 a package. I had a $1.00 off coupon! So one was $1.48 and the second $2.48! = Total for 4 pieces: $3.96!

Good Almond Milk Deal:

Almond Fresh is on sale this week at RCSS - If you have the .75 cent off coupon you can get it for $2.73! or if you can find the printable $1.50 off coupon GREAT DEAL!

Pink Sticker Deal of the Week!

Ok, I'm a little obsessed with Pink Stickers I will be the first to admit it! This week got a great deal on Tortellini! This 1kg pack was suppose to cost $8.49 but only paid $4.24! Amazing because it is now in the crockpot as we speak (my first attempt at a crockpot meal!!!! Hopefully it turns out well :D

Savings with Coupons and Price Matching = $24.45! Saved a ton this week but went way over!

I think I'm going to increase my budget next month by $10 - so going for the $60/mth challenge :)

Happy Saving!

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