Savings Sunday! RCSS - Biggest Savings of the Month but $50/week?!?!

Evening All!,

Hope everyone is enjoying their long family day weekend ;)

Ok, I'm first to admit I'm having a tough time with my $50/week challenge!

This week spent: $58.66 (over by $8.66 >.<)

Deals of the Week:

Almond Milk:

Great deal this week from Walmart - on sale for $3 a box - $3.99 at RCSS - Saved $1.98!

PC Oatmeal:

I know some people prefer Quaker but I eat this stuff every morning for breakfast - and when I can get it on sale I jump! On sale for $1 a box at No Frills! :)

Free Wonder Bread!:

I was lucky enough to catch this freebie coupon on Facebook for a free loaf of Wonder Bread! Saved $1.98!

Veggies Week:

Was finally able to stock up on cheap Broccoli (.88 each) and Asparagus! ($3.74 for TWO bunches!) Yummie!

Apples Galore!

Ok, I kind of broke my rule about going to more than one store - I had to for this deal - 4lbs of Apples (that hubby is currently loving) for $1.99 EACH at Highland Farms! WOAH! I picked up 2 bags for $3.98!!!

Total saved this week: $17.82!!! So I did spend a few dollars more but saved a ton more! Still working on this challenge next week!! Stay tuned!

Happy Saving!

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