Savings Monday on Tuesday! - No Frills = $50 Weekly Grocery Challenge!

Evening Everyone!,

Now before I continue I have a challenge for you! Hubby and I have just moved out on our own and I've now enforced a strict budget for food. $50/week! Crazy I know but I want to challenge myself to see if we can do this and see what I can get with my money!

So Week 1 - Total Spent: $50.86 (over by .86 cents)

Here is what I got:

Now if you've noticed from my previous posts I tend to buy my items at RCSS or Walmart so I decided to head to my local No Frills and try my hand there. What ends up happening is many of the items I would have price matched are already on sale! Woohoo!

Deals of the Week:


Since No Frills had a chicken sale (Which my local location was pretty bad with meat on a Monday night...) I opted for chicken quarters ($4.94 package) and Lemon Chicken tonight in fact! Yum! Salad was $1.49 and lemon were reg. .50 cents each at NF, PMed to Walmart for .33 cents each :) Tonight's dinner below ;)

Barilla Pasta:

A staple in my household as you know - my Ragu from last week, Ricotta and lasagna came in handy this week (Lasagna lasted 3 nights!) So we ended up with some great homemade food for Superbowl Night (Pic on my Twitter!) but for nights when we just want to bake some pasta - Reg. 1.67 each at NF, PMed to Highland Farms for .97 cents! Grabbed two boxes!

FPC Redeem - Yoplait Minigo

Hubby loves cereal - got this FPC off one of those boxes :) Saved: $2.79!

Total saved with Price Matching and Coupons: $5.53! I know not a lot - but I'm trying to see what I can maximize each week!

Can't wait to see what next week brings!

Happy Saving!

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