Blog Post 100!!!! My Birthday Freebie Haul :D

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

So yesterday was my birthday :D Very excited every year to go and get my Freebies each year! So here we go - here is my list of Freebies I got this year!


Some companies like to give you between one to two weeks to redeem your freebies (Allowing you to get all the ones you want!


One of my favourite freebies of the year! All you have to do is become a beauty insider and every year you get a little freebie - This year Benefit got in on the act - Mini They're Real! Mascara and What's Up Highlighter. Now don't expect something large - these are small but keep in mind - they are tester size! And regular price for the mascara is well over $25.00... See Pics Below!

Again - becoming a Beauty Insider is Free! Head into Sephora to sign up for it!

Timothy's Coffee:

Another Freebie this year was from Timothy's Coffee - a free 12 oz (Small) Coffee! I was able to share this with a colleague at work - a nice little thank you :) Sign up here.

Day of Freebies

Booster Juice!:

I tweeted this on my b-day - a FREE Regular size Booster Juice! YUM! and Regular price if I purchased this drink - $6.05!

Be sure to sign up for their Booster Nation emails here Make sure to click on Nation to sign up! - they email you a coupon for the freebie before your b-day! (FYI mine didn't come - on my b-day I emailed them and fantastic customer service to get me a coupon! THANKS :D)

What a Bagel:

Now I think this is one of the more practical freebie I got this year! FREE BAGELS! A full Dozen of them! Great offer from What a Bagel - Check their website for a location near you (Toronto-area) and how to get the freebie? - Just present Photo ID with your birthday on it and VOILA free bagels! Savings of $6.99!

Free Cake:

The KEG is one of my favourite restaurants and usually my family and I head out but with this crazy snowstorm that hit yesterday we had to do a Hubby and I only dinner - You get a free piece of their Billy Minor Pie! - YUM - Saved: $5.95!

Other Freebies in my Email box:

25% off coupon at RW&CO - Sign up for emails Here!

Tony Roma's - Free Entree up to $15 off & Mini Dessert - Problem is made my location for Niagara - couldn't redeem :( - Sign up Here!

Marble Slab Creamery - Free Medium Cone with 1 mix in (Good til 7 days after your bday - will be redeeming this next week :D) Sign up Here!

Timothy's Coffee - Buy a Medium Coffee - get a baked good FREE - (I can redeem this near my work - many of my coworkers go to buy coffee - easy freebie for me ;) )

Boston Pizza - Free Pasta or Dessert on them! (Good until approx 10 days after your bday!) Make sure you redeem at your selected store near you! Sign up for emails Here!

Parkers Cleaners - $10.00 in Free Drycleaning! Sign up for Emails look for it on the sidebar Here!

Mmmuffins - Free Cupcake on your b-day - I was going to redeem this when I got my bagels but that location seemed to have closed! Need to find and pick up ASAP! Sign up Here!

Cold-Stone Creamery - BOGO (Buy one, Get one)Free Can be Small, Medium or Large - but you need to buy one so it's an alright freebie - also it is location specific! Keep in mind! Sign up Here!

HEALTHY FREEBIE - Driscoll's Berries! Get a .50 cent off coupon :D and Sold in Canada! YUM! - Sign up Here!

Hopefully that gives you some insight into what I got free and can get free! Hopefully you can sign up for your own!

Happy Saving and finding Freebies :D!

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