RCSS - Cheap Wrap, Pink Stickers and U-Scan Changes...

Afternoon Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA - been under the weather the last week! Finally feeling better :D

Here is this weeks shop, spent: $92.68

Deals of the Week:

I'm starting to find that RCSS is running out of things i'm usually looking for! I was going to get free soap this week but couldn't find it anywhere :(.

Well here is what I got.

Alcan/Plastic Wrap:

Did a ton of price matching from No Frills this week - Saved $3.04 buying all 4 wraps! (All .88 cents each at NF this week :))
Chicken Broth: Great deal this week from Metro - $1.67 a box - saved $1.80!
Becel: Margarine this week - $3.88 at No Frills I had a $1.00 off coupon = $2.88!
Pink Stickers!: Loving the Pink Stickers this week - $1.50 dip, $1.99 Salad and .50 cent crackers :D!
FPC - Nutrigrain! I bought 2 specially marked Nutrigrain boxes in the last few weeks - and redeemed for my FPC! Saved $2.98!!

Total saved with coupons, no tax and price matching: $25.21!!!

Also while sick last week Mom, Hubby and Dad went out shopping - Spent: $40.59 and saved $14.84! yaya!!

Also an FYI to everyone - U-Scan (self scanning area) is now limited to 25 items per person... I preferred doing my PMing this way - but guess I can't anymore... Cashier said it was a Head Office decision.... keep it in mind next time!!!
Happy Saving!

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