Happy 2013 and Happy 1st year Blogging!! Forever 21 Haul x2!!

Evening All :),

Happy New Year to you all! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and new years :)

To celebrate my just past first year of blogging I thought I would put together a lovely little Forever 21 Haul!

Boxing Day Haul! - Online Shopping

I don't really like Boxing Day shopping - I know shocking right? The person who loves deals hates one of the best days of the year to go shopping. While checking my emails I discovered a 50% off all sale + Free Shipping!!!! Yahoooo!

Here is what I got:


I've been wearing skirts a lot to work lately - I picked up 3 pairs

1st pair - Reg: $7.80 Paid: $1.99!!!

2nd pair - Reg: $10.80 Paid: $2.49!!!

3rd pair - Reg: $9.80 Paid: $2.49!!

Polka Dot Blanket:

I thought this would be a great gift or I might keep it for myself :)

Reg: $12.80 Paid: $2.99!!!

Clothes Time!

I always like to one item for me and one item for hubby and this worked out perfectly!

Shirt for Hubby:

Nice white cotton and fits perfectly (First time getting him something from here)

Reg: $19.90 Paid: $4.99!!

Sweater for Me:

Super cute blue sweater that I found - I wanted to get the Grey one but I took too long to check out and it sold out :(.

Reg:$18.80 Paid: $4.99

So total I spent $22.53 with tax and saved: $67.78!!!!

And then a few days later I happened to be in a mall and noticed the Forever 21 Store... and bought a few more things...

Tights Reg: $7.80 Paid: $1.99!

Zipper Pouches: Reg: $5.80 each Paid: .99 cents!

Belt - Reg: $9.80 Paid: $2.50!

Cashed out at: $6.18! Saved: $20.26

Total Saved over the 2 trips: $88.04!!!!!! YAHOO!!!

Great Start to the New Year :D!

Happy Saving!

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