Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mail this week - Kotex coupon and BP from Shoppers

Afternoon All!,

Mail has been slim this week! Only one good thing of note:

Kotex pad coupon $1.50 and a 1,200 BP coupon!

Woot Woot!

Savings Sunday tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday.

Happy Saving

Monday, March 26, 2012

Saving Sunday - SCOP and Crabtree and Evelyn Freebie!

Evening Everyone :),

Here is my grocery haul for the week:

Total: $111.33! yikes! Highest of the year :(

Bought a lot of meat this week for dinners hoping to have them stretch out.

Deals of the week:

Lactose Free Milk SCOP:
My Walmart had incorrectly priced this a few weeks back and guess what - they still haven't change it! Sweeeet! $5.39 = Free :D

Toilet Paper:
Hard to find cheapish toilet paper - Walmart seems to have this on for the last 2 weeks - $3.97 for a pack of 12 double rolls good deal I think :)

Total Savings for the week with coupons and price matching $22.36! one of the better savings this year :D

Also for liking Crabtree and Evelyn on Facebook after they hit 7,500 Facebook fans - they gave away a free bath and shower gel. Love those freebies! Take a look below :)

Remember follow me on Twitter - I usually Tweet about freebies when I find them so you can get your hands on them ASAP :D @FrugalKris

Happy Saving!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saving Sunday and Homemade Pizza

Evening Everyone,

Here is the weekly grocery haul.

Spent $92.68

Deals of the Week:

I know, the body wash in the last post is pretty win but here are another two I picked up today:


Folgers Coffee - Mom noticed this on sale last night down to $3.97 at Walmart - I picked up another 3 - with a $1.00 off coupon down to $2.97 each.

I've been on a kick learning how to bake and cook with flour. (I know i'm slow to the game lol) Picked up this at $4.88 price matched to No Frills and I also have a $1.00 off coupon pushing it down to $3.88 for a 5kg bag! Woohoo!

Total Savings with couponing and price matching: $10.55 pretty good for how much we spent.

Also made pizza for the first time ever - made my own dough!

Check it out before and after cooking! It was good and successful :D

Happy Saving!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Deal of the Week = Dove Body Wash = .50 CENTS!

Evening Everyone!,

A Happy St. Patty's Day to you all :)!

I wanted to share this deal that I took advantage of this week with the new set of flyers out!

Loblaws (Ontario Flyer) has Dove Body Wash on sale 2/$5.00.

How on convenient that I have 4 Coupons @ $2.00 off EACH!!!!!! YAHOOO!!!

That's right = Body wash for .50 cents!!!

Check out that: 80% savings! and my out of pocket only $3.30 :D!

Here is a pic of the ones I picked up:

Also here are the coupons to use.

Visible Care Coupons expires March 31, 2012 and Go Fresh Coupons expires April 30, 2012.

Be careful though, the flyer isn't very specific - If you can try to head to a Loblaws to hook up on this deal!

I might have 4 more coupons to pick up more :D

Happy Saving!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mail = Tea and Crackers :)

Late Evening to you all!,

Got two great little packages/coupons in the mail the other day.

From Kashi - $2.00 off any box of Pita Crisps or Snack Crackers - Expiry July 31, 2012

AND - This deal is still active!!!! Click here to order your own :)

Celestial Seasonings:
Free Tea! - Came with 4 teabags, a $1.00 off coupon expiry June 30, 2012 and a little chart showing where across Canada to buy specific flavours!

This one has expired but it did take a while to get to me - I believe I ordered this one back in Dec or Jan... so it took a bit to get here...but sometimes you just have to have some patience.

Happy Saving!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saving Sunday and Mail for last week

Evening All,

Sunday was a slow day for me - woke up super late cause of the Daylight Savings Time shift. But I was able to get the groceries done :)

Here is what I got for $86.55.

Deal of the Week:

Satin Care Shave Gel:
This stuff I feel hardly goes on sale and I mean I am a bit of a horder of this product but I couldn't pass this deal up! - $1.99 on sale at No Frills this week - PMed at Walmart and had 2 - $1.00 off coupons!

Final Price .99 Cents each!

Total savings for the week: $8.10 not the best week but did try to buy mostly sale items...

Mail for the week:
Got a bunch of goodies this week and since i've been crazy busy with work I thought I would do a week in review of sorts :)

Free Reactine
Hubby does suffer from allergies so when Livingwell had their freebie up I grabbed it. I did noticed something interesting - There are TWO coupons that come with this! First is the $2.00 off in the envelope with the product.

Then a $1.50 off inside the package! Woohoo!! Extra savings all in one :D

Next I got my free Chateline in the mail (this came 3 issues with my box of shredded wheat a few weeks back) and it comes with some great coupons!

$3.50 off when you spend $10 on the items listed below:

Also $4 off Garnier Ultra-Lift moisturizer - also comes with a sample.

FREE - Tall Blonde Roast Coffee from Starbucks! That makes my free magazine all worth it ;)

Mag also had a Nivea sample included too!

Overall great mail week - lets hope it gets even better next week!

Happy Saving!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart Haul = Amazing Savings!

Evening All!,

Todays great deals of the day are from Shoppers Drug Mart!

Today I tweeted that there was a great coupon that was emailed to me from Shoppers it was a spend $50 save $10 - before tax!

I thought I would bring along my friend Sheleigh :) and we worked out an amazing deal!:

  • Diabetes Needles: $38.99
  • Cover Girl Lipstick: $11.99 - $2.00 off coupon
  • Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner: $3.49 - $2.00 off peelies on EACH - $1.49 a bottle AND 1,000 bonus points!
  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish: $4.49 a bottle - but they left the sign up from last weeks buy one get one free so they gave it to us one bottle for FREE!!!!
  • Total before - $10.00 off coupon valid for Wed. March 7th - $59.50 After $10 off coupon and I combined it with another $10.00 gift card I got two weeks ago
All this only cost $39.50 with tax!!!

That alone is pretty much the cost of my needles and got $20 in Free stuff!!!!!!


The beauty cashier also commented on my couponing skills ;) fun times!

And to top it all off I finally hit 95,000 Shoppers Points! Means on Mega Redemption Days = $250.00 in FREE stuff! :D

Good Shoppers Day overall!

Happy Saving!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Buffalo Overview! Great Deals for Hubby!

Evening All :),

Hubby and I headed to Buffalo last week for some job hunting and shopping - here are a few of the great deals we found!


After our first day - Hubby complained his "pilgrim" shoes were hurting him so we decided to look for some new ones - stumbled upon these puppies at Target - the first location didn't have a size 13 but the second one did AND they were $6 cheaper!

Cost: $14.98

Suit Jacket:

Also Hubby didn't have a suit jacket while down on our first day we ventured into JC Penney and discovered this marked down. Decent and it fits him quite well :)

Cost: $45.00

Hubby already has a few ties but this one was a great deal :D

Regular $19.99 on the clearance rack for...

Cost: $5.98!


Ok everyone - I enjoy milk every morning - problem is I can't digest it very well so I drink lactose free = $$$$ in Canada. So while in Buffalo I head to Walmart and pick up 4 of these lovelies at $2.88!!!! SUPER SAVINGS FOR ME! :D (p.s. Walmart - bring this brand to Canada - k thanks :))

We were very fortunate that many of the purchases we made in Buffalo were actually covered by gift cards from the wedding! All Target purchases were technically FREE!

A couple of meals were also covered by gift cards and our Walmart trip for cereal and food was $71.00 before a coupon ;) and 3 gift cards brought it down to $13.00!!!


Overall great trip - Hubby got a few interviews - fingers crossed! And I dressed him sharp for very little money!

Happy Saving!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saving Sunday was actually Saving Saturday Night :) and made some biscuits :)

Good Afternoon all!
Been away for a few because hubby and I were down in the buffalo area trying to find him a job til he gets here :) I did find some great deals but that will be a seperate post ;)

For today this is what I got last night for groceries for the week:

Total: $80.44

My best deals of the week:

Free Juice:

With that Pepsi promotion I took part in last month - (buying $20 or more of Pepsi products get $20 in coupons) Hubby wanted some Juice so I took advantage of the FPC - (Free Product Coupon) and saved $4.67!

Free Activia Dessert:

My mom really likes her Activia - so I got the mailout a few months back with timed coupons on Activia - The one I used today was the buy a 12 pack get a dessert free! - This was retail $3.67.

Smuckers Jam:

I have had this coupon for a while and I wanted to use it. I've been craving some bread/biscuits with jam on em. So at Walmart the Big size jam was $3.00 and I used a $1.00 off coupon = $2.00!! Great Deal :D

My total Savings for this week: $13.65!!!!

Finally as my husband is from the Southern United States, I wanted to give him a little taste of home and attempt to make some Buttermilk Biscuits!

It was messy but I did buy all the ingredients yesterday and we still mananged to save some good money.

BTW the biscuits came out great! They might have looked a little funny but the recipe worked!!!!

I found it at Click Here for the recipe!

Happy Saving!