Target and Payless Haul - Tennessee Haul #1 :)

Hey Everyone!,

Had to head down to do a little trip down to see Hubby's family - what a better time then to do a bit of shopping ;)

I'm sure I will be finding more items in my travels hehe :)

Total Spent: $36.75

Deals of the Day:

Clearance Tags! My LOVE for Target! :P Here are some of my great red stickers this trip:


Wipes marked down to .48 cents a package! Amazing for travel! :)

Revlon Blush Palette:

Amazing markdown on this from $10 - down to $3.14! Crazy good deal! :) Also got 2 of my favourite mascara's for only $4.48!!!! WOOOT!

Rimmel foundation:

Been wanting to try this forever and only $3.99 in the States - I've seen this for as much as $8.99 up North.

Hershey's Chocolate:

Love the deal I got on these -$1.99 -$1.50 coupon when I bought two :D so I paid $2.48!!! :D YUMMIE!

Payless = Great Deals on Tights!

I've been wearing a ton of skirts to work so I need some new tights - the two on the left cost me $2.99 a pair and the heavier one on the right was $4.99!! Great deals on Tights :D

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Happy Saving!

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