Shoppers - Spend Your Points Redemption 2012! - 61 Items - Should have spent $250.49 but spent only what?!?!

Afternoon Everyone!,

This morning was probably one of the best shops I've EVER done at Shoppers Drug Mart. Yes it was Spend Your Points Event!

And did I ever get some amazing bang for my buck. When you see the pics as well I did get a variety of items, pantry, cosmetics, toiletries, chocolate, Magazines, and Toys :)All for Gifts and for my own home as well!

Subtotal After Coupons: $219.36

Deals of the Shop:


Alright - pain relieving drugs are so expensive in Canada!!! Managed to match up a sale: $5.99 with a $4.00 off coupon I had - $1.99 for a 100 count!!!


More pain relieving drugs - but hey when they are pretty cheap: $6.99 on sale for - $3.00 off coupon! = $3.99 for 100 count!!!!


When I do my redemption list - I always have backup coupons and products just in case my store doesn't have them in stock. I pull the coupon for this product out last night by chance it might be on sale, oh yeah it was!!! $2.99 Sale - $1.50 off coupon = $1.49!!!!! Total Back up item and it worked out PERFECTLY!


I decided to redeem an FPC as well during this time - Saved: $3.99 - this will be part of my women's shelter yearly donation. (Will blog when I go to donate :))


After spending hours and hours on SmartCanucks (amazing site go visit HERE) Noticed a tweet from them about a printable Revlon Tools coupon! (Any beauty tool over $3, save $2!) Found this Nail Clipper: $3.82 on Sale - $2.00 off = $1.82!!!

Old Spice:

Hubby and many of my guy friends love Old Spice. BUT some varieties are sooooo expensive!!! Managed to find these 2 on Sale for $3.49 each but I had a great coupon for WUB 2 save $3.00 = Total for 2; $3.98!!!

Total Amount in Coupons used: $44.99!

Total Redemption of Points: 95,000 = $210.00

Total Spent Out of Pocket: $40.49 :D

What Shoppers Says I saved on my bill: $128.36!!!!

And I have all my family and friends Christmas gifts complete in ONE Transaction!

Happy Saving Everyone!

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