Savings Sunday! = RCSS Pink Stickers, High Value Coupon and FPC Redeem!

Afternoon All!,

Hope everyone is have a great weekend so far! Time for the weekly Grocery Shop in which I only used 1 flyer to Price Match!!

Here's what I got for: $82.70

Deals of the Week:

$4 off Meat!:

I bought a Old El Paso Taco Kit earlier this year and it gave me a $4 off coupon on Meat - So I decided to pick this up as the coupon was about to expire. Had to buy another kit to use the coupon - Not the best deal this week but I still saved a bit of money :)

Chicken Broth:

As the cold weather coming upon us - I like to stock up on broth for soups :) - Reg at RCSS $2.57 each - PMed to No Frills for $1.67 each :)!

Almond Milk!:

Silk sent me some great coupons yesterday by mail - including an FPC and a $1.50 off which I used today! - Final Price: $2.49!

Pink Stickers - Yogurt!

Couldn't pass these up! - I only paid .39 cents a container! Great snacks for lunch this week :) - Yummie!

FPC - Nestea!

I know there was a crazy run on the FPCs for Nestea earlier this year. I hoped for a new promo before Christmas but didn't happen - Decided to redeem for any upcoming parties in the next few weeks. Saved: $3.97!

Total Saved with Coupons, Price Matching - $15.49!! Good Week!

Happy Saving!

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