Last Post of 2012!!! - RCSS Clearance - 75% off Christmas Woot Woot!

Evening Everyone!

The last two weeks have been insane!!! Sooo much has happened! Hubby got his Perm Residence Card and we had to do a Tennessee drive (oh 15 hrs was fun)!

I will have to post the rest of the clothing haul from Tennessee when I can!

Here is this weeks haul/food from RCSS!

Total Spent: $86.47!

Deals of the Week:

Christmas Stuff!

RCSS does some amazingggggg Christmas Sales :D Total Spent on this whole picture $6.26! I LOVE 75% off!!! WOOHOO!! 100 Christmas Balls for $1.84!!!!, Stickers for .24 cents, Memo pads .44 cents each to name a few deals!


Managed to get this box for only $1.99! Shelf Price at RCSS: $9.19??!?!? PMed to $4.99 and a Shoppers Voice - $3.00 off coupon woot woot!


Reg Price at RCSS - $4.99 - PMed to $2.99 and had a $2.00 from Canada Dry Boxes = .99 cent Popcorn!

Tostitos and Salsa:

Reg: $2.50 at RCSS PMed to $1.88 each! Great for Parties :)

Total Saved with Price Matching and Coupons: $26.43! (and doesn't include the insane savings on the Christmas stuff!)

And also! Cause I missed last week - Spent: $66.00 and saved $12.39!!

Happy New Year All!! Let's Have an Amazing 2013!!! :D

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