Savings Tuesday - Free Pasta, Great Meat/Fish Deals :)

Evening All!,

Been a lazy week! Finally got around to Grocery Shopping and went for RCSS - Total this week: $92.46 (-$14.01 for dinner included in that) $78.45!

Deals of the Week:

Free Catelli Pasta!:

I got a FPC from my SampleSource this week!!! So I decided to use this and save $1.67! :)


This is a staple in the household and when bananas go on sale: stock up! - .49 cents a pound!


Now I was introduced to this fun little veggie by hubby where this stuff is fantastic fried :P Decided to pick up some at .88 cents a bag!

Other great deals - this week stock up on ground beef (paid approx $2.30/container) and fish - ($2.87 a package!) Going to have a lot of good meals :)

Total saved with Coupons and Price Matching: $8.04!

Happy Saving!

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