Savings Tuesday! = SCOP and great deals at RCSS!

Evening Everyone :),

Hope you had a wonderful Turkey weekend (for all us Canadian's up here ;)!).

Since we have a ton of leftovers from family stuffs = light grocery shop this week.

Spent: $61.68

Deals of the Week:

SCOP - Diana's Gravy

ok.. I know... we JUST ate turkey! But Hubby really likes gravy with his meat so wondered down near the meat section and this was 2/.98 cents?!?!?! INSANE. Grabbed two and went to checkout - ringing in $2.29! Ding - SCOP! Got the other for .49 cents :D so 2 for .49 cents!! Woop!


Hubby also LOVES this veggie. So when it goes on sale - we tend to stock up. This week it was $1.98/lb at RCSS but I price matched it to Fresh Co. for $1.77/lb. This makes a difference as I got 3 bunches for $5.65!


I eat my oatmeal in the morning - so Hubby likes some good cereal. Now this wasn't very cheap but it's like I only paid .98 cents for it as down the road I can get some free Yogurt! Works out for the both of us hehe.


BTW - Got a great 50% off pink sticker on a tub of Yogurt! This does expire in a few days but we do eat this everyday :) and it is a great way to save a few bucks on a product we eat! :)

Total Saved after Price Matching (no coupons this week >.<): $3.30. Not much but hey - still got a lot of on sale items so that's ok!

Happy Saving!

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