Savings Sunday! Walmart - Ragu Stockup Time!!

Evening Everyone!

Here is the weekly shop! Total: $118.60!

I know, I know expensive week but we did have a few stock ups and a new pillow :P

Deal of the Week:


As you all know - Pasta freaks in the household! I needed to do a stock up - Walmart price: $2.27 a bottle - Price Match to Metro for .99 cents!!! Savings $13.00!!!!!!!

Nutrigrain Bars:

These are great little snacks for me on the go! Walmart price: $2.98 PM to No Frills $1.88! Saved: $2.20!

Total Saved with Price Matching and Coupons :): $20.39!

I went to the Women's Show yesterday in Toronto - Hope to blog this week about all the freebies and such that I got Stay Tuned!!!

Happy Saving!

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