Savings Sunday! = SCOP!! Free Asparagus, Price Matching Galore! :)

Evening All!,

Here is this weeks total: $87.81 (minus the SCOP got deducted) $79.33 :D

Deals this week:

SCOP: Asparagus!

Hubby loves this stuff - this kind of crazy how much we spend on this... but you know it's healthy. Saw it on sale this week at Highland Farms - was going to price match BUT Walmart had it on the shelf for a little bit cheaper - told hubby to stock up. By the end paid for everything but noticed it was way more expensive then it should be = SCOP! Saved: $8.55!

Club House Gravy:

This coupon was a coupon zone (Loblaws) coupon and I did this deal - recently found the manufactures coupon. Bought the 2 at .88 each and Saved $1.68 as the seasoning packet was FREE :D!

Campbell's Soup:

Cold weather is coming! Stock up on soup! On sale at Fresh Co. for .44 cents!!! Wanted to get some Cream of Mushroom but they were sold out :(

Evaporated Milk:

I've been enjoying a lot of baking lately - thought I would get some Evaporated Milk for some recipies. Found a great coupon that I had - buy 3 save $2.00!! So I took the $1.25 sale (PMed) and only paid $1.75 for 3!!!!!

Other great coupon/pm deals this week: Almond Milk $3.49 - $1.00 = $2.49!, Habitant Soup .99 cents, Toasters Strudel $1.97 :)

Total Saved with SCOP, Price Matching and Coupons: $30.84!!! YAHOO!!!

Happy Saving :)

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