Review = National Women's Show - Toronto - October 20, 2012

Evening Everyone!,

I wanted to do a bit of a different blog today a review of a show I attended with my friends this past weekend.

Here we go!

Cost to get in:

Through their website they offered 2 for 1 admission - so $7.50 person. :)


This show has no shortage of Freebies - I mean - A TON of them.

The bags I collected:

Sample Freebies:

Food Freebies:

Firstly - if you are lucky enough to arrive early you get yourself a "swag bag" full of samples, coupons, food and such.

From there the possibilities are endless!

Most booths offer free samples, offers, signing up for winning gift cards or baskets

Best Freebie of the Day:

Whiskas Cat Food!

They had a plinko game to play and my piece landed on the bag! Tada - Free bag of dry cat food, a little wet cat food and cat treats! WIN :)

Endless COUPONS!!!!

I have never been anywhere with so many coupons!!! Ranging from food to products!! (see below)!
Overall I would for sure head back to this next year! If you want to know more check out their website: Here :) Happy Saving :)

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