Shoppers Drug Mart - Random Haul with GREAT Results!

Hello Everyone!,

I needed to wander into Shoppers Drug Mart today because I needed some more vitamin B12 because I would have been out tomorrow!

Low and behold - I found a few more amazing deals and did some serious damage in a good way ;) Everything in the pic below was on sale too!!!

Total Spent: $28.53

Deals of the Shop

Oasis Health Break Juice:

My nose has been randomly stuffed up the last few days (doesn't feel like allergies but you never know) So I though I would pump my body with some good OJ/Juice options.

These were on sale for $2.50 a carton - 2x.75 cent coupons = $1.75 Each!! Amazing Deal!

L'Oreal Studio Silk and Gloss

Now thanks to my girlfriend Tess, I was introduced to this in University but it is SUPER expensive. I'd waited and waited for it to go on sale, never did. Since I went a different Shoppers than normal - I ALWAYS check out the clearance section and low and behold - there they were! and on clearance for $2.00 a BOTTLE!!! WOOO!!!

Nutrigrain Bars

I know, I know, they are on sale this week at Walmart for cheaper... Also the type "Superfruit" is the one I had coupons for and sometimes isn't on sale or you can't price match it. Also I wasn't sure if I will be heading up there so I decided to buy them at Shoppers (which they are on for $1.99) and I had 2 .50 off coupons making them $1.49 a box :D and optimum points too :)

Total Savings on my receipt: $26.84 WOAH!

Great shop and completely unexpected! Sometimes not planning for a trip can work out in your favour ;)

Happy Saving!

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