Savings Sunday is Back!!!! Walmart Anniversary Sale = Great Deals and Savings :)

Evening All!,

Did groceries earlier this morning and just got around to doing my blog post!

Here is what we spent $91.25.

Deals of the Week:

Now I would suggest checking out Walmart's Anniversary Sale this week - some great deals on things we like to buy including - Cripsers, Crispy Mini's, Eggos and Toasters Strudles. BUT one thing needed to be price matched :)

Habitant Soup:

This stuff is a staple for Mom and Dad - they love this stuff year round but most recently with the weather turning colder. Reg: $2.17 at WM - Price Matched to Fresh Co. who had em on for $1 Each!!! Savings: $3.51!

Walmart Deals:

Folgers Coffee:

Now this is the big size coffee - on sale for $5.97 - but of course I had a coupon for it! - $1.00 off. Final Price: $4.97!!

Newman's Dressing:

Found this by accident - Was looking for a new salad dressing and stumbled upon this on sale at $2.50 - I had a $1.00 off coupon - Final Price: $1.50!

Tenderflake Pie Shell:

Forgot to take a pic of this! But amazing deal at No Frills this week - Only $1.97 Reg: $3.47 at WM! - Savings: $1.50!

Total Savings after Price Matching and Coupons: $7.01

Not the best savings week - but this was a bit of a stock up week with the great deals at Walmart.

Happy Saving!

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