Savings Sunday!! Fruit and Veggie PM Deals This Week :) and Shoppers Optimum Bonus!

Evening everyone :),

Headed out for grocery shopping and some Shoppers Deals.

Total Spent at Walmart: $87.91

Deals of the Week - Price Matching Fruit and Veggies!

Since my deals were mostly sale items I wanted to focus on Price Matching of Fruits and Veggies! Almost always you can price match your Fruits and Veggies - usually where they are produced doesn't matter as long as your store carries it. My Walmart had everything shown :).

Here were my deals - Broccoli, Asparagus, Oranges and Green Beans.

Total Saved with Price Matching: $6.74.

Shoppers Drug Mart:

This weekend is a bonus weekend - spend $75 and get a bonus of a minimum of 18,500 points - BTW this is on until Tuesday!!

That's what I got as I needed to get my some diabetes refills! But great deals on snack food too! (99 cent Cripsy Minis and $1.79 Nutrigrain bars :))

Earned 19,830 Points today woohoo!!!!

Total Saved at Shoppers: $12.80! :)

Happy Saving!

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