Haul Time!!!! Aeropostal, Forever 21, La Senza, RCSS and Canadian Tire!!

Evening everyone :),

Hope the weekend is treating you well on the first offical day of Fall!!

Mom and I wondered over to the mall today and stumble upon some great deals!

Big collective haul to share with everyone so here we go!:


I'm always looking for some awesome T-Shirts and found these two:

Reg Each: $17.50

Sale Each: $5.99!

Total Saved: $23.02!!!

Forever 21:

Ok - I'm Loving this store!!! I'm finding INSANE Deals lately! This weekend we've got 50% off sale clothing!!!! Woahhhhhh!

Total Paid: $17.47 for FOUR tops!!!!!

Here are the amazing deals I got:

Animal Halter-Style Top

Loving the pattern and colour on this top! Super comfy too :)

Reg: $13.80

Sale: $6.99 - 50%

Paid: $3.49!!!!!

Saved: $10.31

Striped 3/4 Brown/Black and Black/White

These two are super cute for Fall! Nice arm detailing and great light quality.

Reg Each: $11.50

Sale: $5.99 - 50%

Paid: $2.99 EACH!!

Saved for 2: $17.02!!!

Camel Sweater:

This piece I absolutely love for Fall. Lovely colour and super super cute!

Reg: $23.80

Sale: $11.99 - 50%

Paid: $5.99

Saved: $17.81!!

Total saved at Forever 21: $45.14!!!!

La Senza:

Now this is still a good deal for these panties... 7 for $28.00 but in the end I ended up paying nothing for these as I had a gift card from last Christmas :D


Ok super random find today - went for a bike ride and decided to take a look in my local RCSS and found these:

Freezer pops! and I only PAID .44 CENTS!!!

Check your local RCSS for these - seems like the summer treats are on super clearance!!!

Canadian Tire:

Ok - So I needed an iron... I haven't owned one in a few years so I decided to pick one up and with the help of a bunch Canadian Tire Money!

I'm going to put a link to it here

It was Free due to $40.00 in Canadian Tire Money :) Thanks Mom and Dad :)

Happy Savings!

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