Savings Wednesday! - RCSS Grocery Haul and I WON!! - Target #BullseyeBeach Prize Pack!

Evening All!,

Super exciting day today! First lets get into the groceries.

I decided to go to RCSS (Real Canadian SuperStore)

Total Spent: $91.88

Deals of the Week for Me:


We are pasta freaks in this household. So when pasta sauce is on sale i'm all up on it!

Regular: $2.49 Price Matched to Loblaws at a $1.00, Saved: $7.45!!!

Nutrigrain Bars:

Picked up a box of these because they are super useful for work snacks and when I need a pick-me-up.

Regular: $2.98 Price Matched to WalMart at $1.88, Saved: $1.10!!!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Coupons: $12.06!

BTW I must say - GREAT customer services at RCSS today - So rare but super great!!!!! :)

Target Win!!!!

So you know the person who NEVER wins contests... Me... BUT Target Canada (Follow @Target_ca on Twitter) Offers up some great freebies on Fridays! Last Friday was for a #bullseyeBeach Prize pack!!! All I had to do was Tweet them with my fave beach and VOILA this lovely pack came couriered to my door!

Included: Chair, T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Lip Balm, Beach Mat, Backpack, Travel Sunscreen, Sunglasses and a Fold-up Frisbee!!

Amazing Freebie!!!! THANK YOU :D!

Just goes to show you the power of social media - all you have to do is follow and Tweet to win things!

Happy Saving!

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