Savings Wednesday?!?! Cheap Pasta Sauce and Free 2L Coke!

Evening everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! Headed to da cottage and relaxed for a day or so then cleaned, cleaned, cleaned on Holiday Monday!! Felt good to purge!

Anyways... here is the recent haul!

Total cost: $92.42

Deals of the shop:

Since this is so late in the week a few of the flyers now expire on Wednesday (I don't really know why... but you know...)


Our family is a little obsessed with pasta. I eat the rice pasta (really good can't taste the difference!) so we go though a lot of pasta sauce. This is my deal of the week - each was $2.27 each at Walmart.... uh ya I won't pay that - on sale for .97 cents a No Frills! So I stocked up with 6 :) and Saved $7.80!


Another week, another sale! - Only $2.00 for each bag with my $1.00 off coupon :)

Taco Kit:

I bought a Taco Kit a while ago and came with a FPC for a Free 2L coke :P only catch you have to buy another Taco Kit to get the FPC.... So I've been waiting for another cheap kit and a good deal! - Reg 4.19 at Walmart, on sale at Real Canadian Superstore for $2.97 and got the 2L Coke for Free ($2.29 savings!)

ALSO as you can see another $4 off coupon for Ground Beef! Woohoo!!! Savings!!

Total Saved with Price Matching and Couponing: $18.30!!!

Happy Saving!

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