Mini Food Haul - Some Essentials and a Spice Tip!

Evening all!,
This super tiny mini haul was from earlier in the week but hey I wanted to show it for a few little tips!

Sometimes you do need to go out during the week and get fruit or something you forgot during your big shop - relax - I managed to only spend $9.00. (in total for all seen here below :))

Deal of the Shop:

Mott's Apple Sauce:

Food Basics happened to have this on sale for $1.77. Now this is the regular price of the "Great Value" brand at Walmart - So when my good friend of mine Tess gave me a coupon for buy 2 save $1.00 - I finally found the sale to use this coupon!

I.E. one cost $1.77 the other .77 cents :)


Now I know a lot of us are busy and on the run so when we get to the grocery store we see spices in the plastic containers - but after our pepper grinder at home broke I was on the hunt and shocked to see that they are super expensive!

My solution? Head to a local spice store or bulk food store like bulk barn. Spices are generally inexpensive and per 100g - super affordable!

This combo only cost me approx $1.70! INCLUDING the container :)

So before you go blowing your money on the expensive brand name spices - try bulk and only buy what you need! :).

Happy Saving!

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