Hotel Charity Sale - Decent finds but long wait time

Evening All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

So on Saturday my friend Sheleigh, Mom and I decided to head to a Hotel Charity Sale. The Sutton Place Hotel closed down in June to make room for condos and what did they decide to do - have a 5 day sale to sell everything in the hotel! Sounds awesome right.

Well.... Right and Wrong.

Since I've never done anything like this before we decided to head downtown about 30 mins before the sale started... and there were already like 100 people in line! CRAZY.... Then on top of that it started to rain! yeeesh... luck was not on our side.

We did go to grab house stuff mostly but this was definitely a long process! They only let 5 people in at one time so it took us almost 3 hours just to get in to doors! :(

That kinda sucked a lot but once we FINALLY got in - the stuff was decent. I mean mostly dated furniture but if you were looking for some cool dishes, pieces of furniture, it was your kind of sale.

We did want to grab some lamps at $20 but they were all gone by the time we got in :(.

I did manage to pick up this pretty cool chair:

Only $25!

And a pitcher - $3.00.

So overall spent $28 and got some cool items! Would I do it again? Probably not - the weather wasn't ideal and the way it was set up wasn't the best BUT I can say when I get to recover/paint the chair it will have a story behind it and it was an experience!

Have you ever been to a Charity Hotel Sale before and found anything?! Let me know!!!

Happy Saving :)

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