Garage Sale Deals and Shopping Haul - Gap, Naturalizer and Forever 21!

Evening everyone :),

Busy but fun weekend with my friend Sheleigh and my Mom!

First on Saturday Morning Sheleigh and I headed out for a little Garage Saleage!

She ended up getting a bunch of stuff (I will blog about later :P) BUT I though I would show you what I ended up spending:

Starbucks Mugs!:

These mugs are so BEAUTIFUL! - I'm obsessed with random coffee mugs (even though I don't drink coffee haha) Amazingly large Tea Mugs and ONLY $2 each!!!

Office Paper Holder:

I'm also a little obsessed with storage solutions. So when I saw this at an estate sale that we went to I had to grab it - and bonus - only $2!

Total Spent Saturday: $6.00!

Sunday was shopping day with Mom! Time to pick up some new clothing and a great pair of shoes!

Forever 21:

Looking for new work clothes for Fall and just a change with the bit of weight I've lost, so here is a skirt I found!

Nice colour blocking on the front :)!

Reg: $16.80

Sale: $7.99

Saved: $8.81!


Needed a new pair of work shoes as well - didn't want a heel so I was looking for a flatter but work-appropriate style ended up finding these:

Small heel! but AMAZING deal :D

Reg: $90.00

Sale: $17.98

Saved: $72.02!!!!

I'm quite hit and miss with GAP. But I did find this really cute top :) Don't have the regular price because it wasn't attached to the top :(

Reg: $12.99

Sale: $9.09

Saved: $3.90

Overall Stats for the weekend:

Total Spent if there were no discounts: $125.79

Total Spent this weekend: $41.06 before tax :)

Total Savings: $84.73!!!!

Any great deals you found this weekend? Tweet me @FrugalKris

Happy Saving!

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