Savings Saturday = Best Savings of the Year on Groceries!!!

Evening Everyone!,

Today was the first time I've gone grocery shopping in the LONGEST time! Been down in Denver and out at a wedding last weekend.

Here is what we got for $117.98!

Deals of the Week:

Green Tea Nestea:

Walmart this week has Nestea on sale for $3.97 and on specially marked boxes you get the next box you buy FREE!!! How amazing is that?! Also the coupon is good on any 12-pack Nestea AND a Dec 31, 2012 expiry! Free Free FREE!!


These bags are expensive! Reg. about just under $5.00 price matched to $2.99 and had a $1.00 off coupon! OOP: $1.99 each!


I have a ton of these coupons so Walmart this week has this on sale for $1.88 this week and had a $1.00 off coupon! Only paying .88 cents!

Glade Products:

Ok... These pictures make me look a little crazy... I know... BUT I remembered I had this coupon spend $15 and save $10! I wasn't sure what I wanted to spend it on... and while in Walmart discovered that these were only $1 each! Hence I got 15 of them for $5!!!!!!!!!

Also got 4 different scents and make great gifts for Christmas ;)


Yes, I know... This is probably TMI.... BUT this coupon saved me $18.97!! I had emailed the company that makes Finish because those things aren't dissolving in my darn dishwasher! In return they sent me a FPC for ANY of their products (No value included) So I decided to pick up something that, you know, cough, Hubby and I can use :)

So how much did I save this week?!

Total saved with price matching and couponing: $40.56!!!!

Best of the YEAR!!! :D

Happy Saving!!

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