Random item haul! - $2.00 items and coupons!

Evening all!,

Been a while! Groceries have been here and there for little essentials but none to blog about as we've had house guests, weddings and vacations!

Picked up a few little items here and there in the last few days:

New Tea Mug:

My old tea mug was starting to get a little stained. Headed downtown the other day and popped into Old Navy and saw this little pretty thing.

Regular $7.50

Sale: $2.99!

Saved: $4.51

Good Ol' Entertainment:

Hubby found this for only $2.00!

Regular: $3.99

Saved: $1.99

July 24th Freebie Coupon Nature Valley:

This thing was IMPOSSIBLE to find! 4 stores later I finally found this freebie - got the coupon from Save.ca. Restrictive wording was on it though they were hard to find! Still happy I got this for FREE. ALSO when you redeem for an FPC - you are NOT suppose to be charged tax - my cashier didn't realize it but you are allowed!

Oasis Coupons via Facebook:

$3.00 in coupons through their Facebook! Always like your favourite brands and usually they have great giveaways/contest/coupons!

Ultramar Gas Coupons:

This was via the company's website. Various coupons that total $20! (Free Coffee too:)) Great coupons for when you head up north (cottage country). Check the locations to where they are (few and far between) :) Still great coupons!

Happy Savings!

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