Final Denver Haul! Old Navy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and some Freebies!

Evening All!,

Finally back home from one amazing trip that Hubby and I absolutely adored! I feel so loved and part of an amazing family :D

I was able to do a little bit of shopping before we left yesterday! Here is what we got!

Old Navy:

I'm on Flip Flop duty for my best GF's wedding this weekend! I happened to be in the US and FINALLY found a 20% off coupon for them!

Bought - 14 pairs at $2.00 each (in different sizes of course ;))!

Total with Tax: $30.10

Total Saved: $27.16!!!!

The lady also let us use the coupon for this great shirt we got hubby!

On Sale for $7.99-20% = $6.39! Great Deal!!

Bed, Bath and Beyond:

So after buying said flip flops I needed a carry on for all of them! Hubby's Aunt was gracious enough to pass over her BBB $5.00 off coupon when you spend over $15.00! I saw this carry on there for $19.99! Perfect and got it for $14.99!

Also - main component - it has Wheels! Woot Woot!

A few Freebies:

Bag O'Money!

Hubby and I headed to Downtown Denver last Thursday so we ended up visiting Federal Reserve Bank (Denver) A little museum! Totally Free and they gave you a pouch of old money! HA! Funniest freebie EVER :P

T-Shirt Time!

The other fun freebie we got is we attended the Colorado Rockies Game - Free T-Shirt day! Got this cute one :D!

Thanks again for reading! Another busy weekend I'll post up when I can!

Happy Saving!

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