Denver Target Haul! Great Deals and Stacking!!

Afternoon All!,

Saying hi from the lovely Denver! Having a great time with Hubby's family :) Yesterday was pretty crazy with travel and a little bit of sightseeing (also some altitude sickness :( ) BUT just started to get out and go around :)

Here is what we got, food not shown - clothes below! Total: $98.92

Best Deals :):

Got some awesome deals for Hubby on clothing - always hard to find him some clothing when we can - here is what we got:

Jeans $13.98

Polo Top: $8.00

Dress Shirt: $8.98

Top Deals:

Up Mouthwash - had a Target coupon for .75 cents off ended up paying $1.31 for one :) (the other at regular but thats ok!)


Is SOOOOO expensive up in Toronto - so I ended up getting this 160 count was on sale for $12.34 - $2.00 off Target coupon and $1.00 off Manufactures coupon! Final total: $9.34!!! GREAT DEAL!

Bug Spray: need this for a friends wedding: 2 pack on clearance for $3.74! (Off is so much more expensive and I love 2 for 1!)

Also used a coupon for Extra gum: Buy 2 get .50 cents off. Got 2 for $1.48!

Also use reusable bags at Target = .05 cents per bag you use! (=.25 cents saved!)

Total Coupons Used: $7.75

Trip Savings (according to bill): $16.05

ALSO - had 3 giftcards from American Express Cards from a rebate. They were in Canadian Totalling $50 but after conversion = $49.20.

Out of Pocket: $49.72!

Good Deals! More posts when we do more shopping ;)

Happy Saving!

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