Denver Haul #2 - GAP, Walgreens, Payless and Forever 21!

Good Afternoon All!,

Yesterday was a busy shopping day for us! Hubby and I managed to get moving and get out and head down to 16th street mall area of Denver :)

Here are the deals we got!


Ok. I'm usually a hit and miss with GAP but it was a total hit this time! All sale items were an additional 40% off!!! Total score!


I've been needing some dress pants for work and I finally found some! Reg. $59.50 marked down to $22.99 -40% = $13.79 then I noticed a mark on the pants and asked what they could do and got ANOTHER 20% off!!!! Final price: $11.03


Ribbed Green Tank: Reg. $16.50, Sale: $4.97 - 40% = $2.98

V-neck Pink T-shirt: Reg. $19.95, Sale: $4.97 - 40% = $2.98

Bright Pink T-shirt: Reg. $26.95, Sale: $5.97 - 40% = $3.58!

Total Regular Price: $122.90 (WOAHHH)

Total with Tax Paid: $22.14

Total Saved: $100.76!!!!!!! WOWOWOW!!!!!!


Hubby loves this toothpaste - so I had to pick it up down here because even with coupons in Canda this would run around $4.99.

Used a $1.00 off coupon - (Walgreen specific coupon)!

On Sale for $4.99

Minus $1.00 off

Paid: $4.37

Receipt also said I saved $2.50 :D


I've been looking for a new wallet and as you all know - I won't spend a lot! This cute little wallet caught my eye just before we left downtown yesterday!

Reg price: $12.99

Sale price: $3.00!!!

Saved: $9.99!!!

Forever 21:

I've also been looking for some cute clips to pull my hair back - found this pack of 8 (i'm wearing the 8th right now :P) for only $1.00! Perfect!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Saving!!!

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