Savings Monday! FPCs and Freebie in the Mail!

Evening all! Hope everyone had a great day.
Here's what we got for $105.11

Deals of the week:

Cottage Cheese:

After looking at the finances I wanted to use a few of my FPCs this week. Hubby wanted some different stuff so first we got Cottage Cheese. Savings: $2.87.

6x710ml Mountain Dew:

I got this FPC from the $20 Pepsi rebate back from Christmas/Superbowl time. Finally got to use it! Savings: $3.00

Honey Bunches of Oats:

This was just a good deal ;) Price Matched to No Frills $2.44 THEN added a coupon for .75 cents off = 1.69!!!! For a box of cereal yes please!

Total savings after Price Matching and Couponing: $18.13!

Much better week!

Best Freebie in the Mail!!!!!

Wow! When I heard about this on Smartcanucks I was excited but then I finally received this in the mail I was jumping up and down (yes I know that is sad) lol But take a look!

Packaging is adorable!

Look at those FREEBIES!

Included of the samples I picked!:

Amazeballs! Great Freebie for Neutrogena's 60th Canadian B-day :D
Happy Saving!

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