Savings Monday - FPC redeem madness and overage issues?!

Evening All!,
Headed over to Walmart and popped out with $100.79. (Had to grab a Kit for a medical test...)

So, Food Total with Tax: $73.82

Deals of the Week:

Now I had a few great FPCs I redeemed this week.


This one is from the Pepsi $20 rebate - Hubby and I have a get together to head to this weekend - thought we would bring a snack ;) Retail: $3.29

Liberté Greek Yogourt:

This was given after a mix-up with the Sobey's Free Milk Coupon (couldn't really redeem it) so they gave me one for these! Retail: $4.97

Oasis Juice:

Another Freebie Juice - Off my Cheerios box - Retail: $1.11

Nexus Shampoo:

Ok - I've gotten like 2 of these before when the price was $3.00. But Walmart has dropped the price to $2.00 for shampoo and the conditioner is still at $3.00. Now Walmart does allow you to obtain an overage meaning everyone one I bought - I made $1.00. Took me forever to cash out tonight though - long-story-short - stand your ground - have a copy of your store coupon policy and you will get your overage!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Coupons: $24.82! Good Week overall!

Happy Saving!

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