Saturday Haul = Freebies, Good Deals and 20x the points & SCOP!

Evening All :),
Headed over to the Mall today and scored some great deals!:

Victoria's Secret

I am a bit of a makeup nut - So currently there is the Semi-Annual Sale at VS so I had to hit up their makeup. - 50% off right now. Keep in mind these sales can get better - I have gotten the makeup 75% off so keep your eye out ;)

I picked up:

Beauty Rush: Mascara in "Black-Tastic"

Radiant Blush in "Fresh Love"


I'm heading to a wedding next month out of town and I need to bring my setting powder. I found a cute sifting container for it - on the clearance rack! Bonus: some amazing samples.


The Make Up Forever products I asked about - there was a Makeup artist from MUF. She seemed like she didn't want to give them to me but offered them anyway :D

Bath and Body Works:

Another store with a Semi-Annual Sale going on! Mom and I collaborated for a purchase:

Scentportable Clip and Go - Strawberry x2 got one for my car and closet! Scent flavour = Sweet Pea :)

Mom got a few candle holders but probably will use them for something else!


I've been looking for new pants for weeks now since I've lost some weight but I can't find any at a good price :( Instead picked up a great dress and Skirt today!

Pretty Purple and super comfy and I LOVE THIS BELT!

Skirt: Love the style and placement of this skirt on my waist - much higher than normal! Super pretty too :)

Shoppers Drug Mart:

Because today is 20x the Points with your Optimum Card - I went to pick up my Diabetes supplies. Now I've never had a problem before with getting the points immediately. For some reason today - the Insulin I buy wouldn't give me points! I do buy my Insulin without a prescription so I should have got them!

Had to refund and redo my order once - they couldn't figure out why I didn't get em!

Mom and I had the best employee key in the points 1,000 at a time! She was AMAZING! Shout out to her :D

Also - I couldn't get all my supplies at the one location - headed to another to get more and I was able to SCOP my needles!!! TOTAL WIN! ($10 off :D)

I also made 48,824 POINTS! Yaaahooo!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! and Happy Saving!

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