Random Grocery Shop = 3 FPC redeems!

Hey Everyone!,
Random Friday Night post! Hubby and I headed out for some dinner - and were in a mall with a Loblaws in it! Low and Behold I was able to spend some of my great FPCs!(Free Product Coupons ;))

Total Before Coupons: $28.88

BTW - my Walmart NEVER has the Chocolate Almond Milk in stock anymore - this Loblaws had TONS and it was on sale for $3.49 this week! weeeee!!

FPCs Redeemed:

Dr. Pepper - 2L bottle

Pepsi Promo coupons i'm still shuffling through - here is one for a 2L size - Retail: $1.67

Glade Expressions Starter Kit in "cotton and Italian Mandarin?! Who comes up with these names?! hahaha Retail: $4.69

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit in "Pineapple and Mangosteen?!" Retail: $7.29!

Total after FPC redeems: $15.23

Total Savings: $13.65 or 50%!!!! woohoo!!

Happy Saving and Happy Weekend!!!!

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