Great Mail = Shoppers Voice and P&G stuffs!

Hey Everyone!
First chance I've had to talk about my mail! Great Freebie packs this week (and the P&G from last week I believe)

Shopper's Voice:

Now, a lot of people might actually not even fill this survey out - it comes to your door randomly and guess what? If you fill it out = Free Samples and coupons! This is the 2nd package I have gotten from this company and they have great coupons/freebies:

P&G Sampler:

I feel like I sign up for one of these every month! Loved this one :) I was so excited because there is a Free Car Vent Clip! (which is already in my car and not pictured!)
Items and Coupons:
Please follow me on Twitter! I Tweet when I see freebies up and let you know when and where to get them!
Happy Saving!

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