Savings Sunday - but wait it's Tuesday! Great Deals!

Evening All!

I know, it isn't Sunday but was feeling under the weather and you know what? I LOVED shopping on a Tuesday night! Amazing Customer Service and shelves all stocked :D

Here is the lovely week of groceries!

Total spent: $110.43

Deals of the Week:

One of my deals will have to be a secret! Cause I bought one for a friend :) I can tell you I only spent $5.00! Amazing Deal! :D

Canada Dry Ginger Ale!:

This has been my deal of the week before! - But Canada Dry still goes on great sales ($3.33) and and the boxes still have the $1.50 off coupon! wooohooo! (p.s. expiry on the coupon is July 31, 2012.) And I got this down to $1.83!!!!!!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Coupons:
$15.72! Happy Saving!

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