Savings Monday! - Groceries for under $80.00! and $2 off Silk Coupon!

Evening All!,
headed to Walmart tonight for the weekly grocery shop! Here is what I got for $78.31

Got some great deals this week - again many of the grocery stores are having dollar sales but no huge DOTW :(

Silk Almond Milk Rave!

So many of you may or may not know but I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome = my stomach sucks! It has been acting up really really badly in the last year and I have decided to see a Naturopath. Since being put on a higher protein diet and cutting out dairy and carbs I'm feeling a lot better in the past few weeks. One thing I have been CRAVING is milk. I love milk and am an avid drinker of it. Finally decide to try Almond Milk and WOW - this dark chocolate flavour tastes EXACTLY like milk. I am in love!!!!!

And after reading the box and heading to sign up for their website and get a $2.00 when you offer to sign up for their emails!!!!! WOOHOOO! Make sure to have your printer ready though - its only one print per person and coupon for me expires June 30, 2012.

anyways... enough of that! :)

Total saved this week with coupons and price matching:$11.20

Happy Saving!