Savings Monday! FPC Redeem, Another Moneymaker and Best Savings of the Year!!! :)

Evening All!,
It is sooooo hot in Toronto right now its crazy! So what better time to go do grocery shopping lol!

Here is what we got for $109.64

Best Deals of the Week:

FPC (Free Product Coupon) for Scrubbing Bubbles - I obtained this Scrubbing Bubbles FPC from the last mail out (where they send you freebies, coupons to your door :)) The retail on this is $3.98 but Free and it will be going to a coworker who uses this product regularly :).

Minute Maid Frozen Juice - If you can find this coupon for this product grab it! This week at Fresh Co. - the frozen juice is on sale for .49 cents each! What does that mean? - the coupon is for $1 off two. Hence - 0.01 cent moneymaker on each frozen juice! Woot Woot! (so yes, I made 0.06 cents off the ones I bought here!) TIP: I found this coupon at Food Basics down the shelved juice aisle - not in the frozen section if you're looking for it!

Deodorant: Lady Speedstick was on for $1.97 at RCSS and had a $1 off coupon! .97 cents is a great deal!

3 items this week I'm giving away to friends. I like to keep this as a rule - It always nice to help out friends and family. I am a believer in good karma :) Being nice to others will come back to you one day in a different way!

FINALLY the most exciting part of this post = SAVINGS!! With Price Matching and Couponing I saved... wait for it... $37.10!!!! My goodness! My best savings of the YEAR! Woooohooo!!!!

Hopefully you can take advantage of some of the sales I did and make your own great hauls! Happy Saving!

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