Saturday Haul = Sephora Freebie and New Purse!

Evening All!,
I was going to do a entry yesterday but had a busy evening out with friends :)

Mom and I are eternal mall-rats haha. We love getting out on a Saturday morning and heading to the mall!

Sephora Freebie:

I keep telling everyone = Sephora's Beauty Insider program is one of the best to get freebies from! You get one on your birthday, and random emails throughout the year to obtain little different freebies! Here is the latest little freebie I got:

CaudalĂ­e Premier Cru Eye Cream - and the associate even gave one to my mom for free ;) Double freebie! woot woot!

New Bold Purse!

When I've gone out with friends the last few times at night - I've been having trouble holding on to a big bulky purse. Problem is my Diabetes supplies are super annoying to carry around. I saw this purse earlier in the week and I wanted it so I went out and grabbed it from Smart Set! Also it was on sale for $14.99! Decent price for a cute bright blue purse and it is deep enough to hold what I need! :)

Happy Saving!

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