Shopping Haul = $12 Dress and $6.99 Bras! Oh my! and Free Pampers ;)

Evening all :),

Went off to Sherway Gardens on the weekend and got some amazing scores! After being down in Buffalo with Hubby - I couldn't find a dress for his cousin's July wedding. You know when you look til you're blue in the face for something?! That was me. But low and behold - I found this dress.

M by Mendocino - The cheaper version of the expensive store - had a designer sample rack - found this puppy for $12!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Super pretty and looks like current styles for 1/4 of the price!

Also learned that Jacob Lingere is being discontinued!!!!! SUCKS!!!! I love their Bras!!! So after looking in the store - all the bras were marked down to $6.99!!! Total Winnnnn!!! I had to grab 3 of them! Pretty colours, nice coverage and also great material (got 1 nude and 2 black!)Check your local Jacob's - they might have great deals if they sold the Lingere :)

My final find - Pampers Canada. A good girlfriend of my is expecting her 2nd boy in a few weeks. I noticed they were giving away coupons so I had to hit them up! The lady gave me 5 coupons and then said, "Just like us on Facebook and get a free box of pampers!" HOW WIN IS THAT?!?!? Totally took advantage of that and got my GF a 100 diapers - size 2 and a little canada jumper with $30 in coupons in the box! Amazing score! Sucks it was only a one time thing I just happened to stumble upon in the mall!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! and Happy Saving!

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