Savings Sunday! - Cheap Irish Spring Bodywash!

Evening All :)

I've been away most of the week but I should be posting a lot this week - many great deals in Buffalo this week but today let's get back to business - Savings Sunday! and some amazing deals when shopping with mom yesterday :)

Today's Total Spent: $96.13

This week was pretty good stocked up on a lot of meat - decent deals on that stuff.

Deals of the Week:

Irish Spring Bodywash -

Found that this was on sale at No Frills this week for $2.99 - PMed this at Walmart and also had a $2.00 off coupon! (2 of them) picked up bodywash for .99 cents!!! Woot!!!

Gravy -

I had this coupon for a while from - This was a buy one get one free coupon - so one was $1.34 - got two for that price :D.

Total savings with coupons and price matching = $10.15!

Hope to post more this week!!

Happy Savings!

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